Our feet can be a major cause of additional stress on our lower back area. For example is the feet/ankles roll towards the inside (pronate) this will cause the lower leg to internally rotate, and as a result the pelvis will tilt forward increasing the curve in the lower back area. This will have a negative effect on the posture increasing the stress on the lower back. If the feet/ankles roll towards the outside (supinate) this will have the opposite effect on the lower leg and create a reduction of the curve in the lower back area. This in itself can increase stress in the lower back area, reducing its ability to absorb shock (flat back) and increasing stress in this area.


In the case of the foot/ankle that rolls in, the currexSole insoles will support the foot better reducing the any excessive pronation helping to improve the body’s posture. If the feet are properly aligned the internal rotation of the lower leg and the forward tilt of the pelvis will be greatly diminished, reducing the stress and easing the pain in the lower back area. The currexSole insoles will also play a positive role in helping to reduce the lower back stress for people who supinate. The insoles will reduce the negative impact of supinating by helping to maintain an optimum lower back curve helping the lower back absorb shock and reduce stress. N.B. If pain or discomfort persists, please seek medical advice.

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