Pain in the front of the leg is often referred to as ‘Shin Splints’, this pain occurs on the outside and/or inside sections of the shin bone. Medial (inside) ‘shin splints’ occurs on the inside edge of the shin bone when the muscle that attaches to the shin (tibialis posterior) becomes inflamed and begins to tear away from the shin bone. This happens when the muscle is working to hard to support the foot and decelerate the arch collapsing from heel strike to foot flat in the gait cycle. This can often occur on the lower third of the shin bone. Anterior (outside) ‘shin splints’ often occurs on the front of the shin during exercise. When the anterior compartment is forced to work too hard for an extended period, the muscle compresses causing a swelling in the sheath know as ‘compartmentalization’. This can often occur on the upper third of the shin bone. As both areas of the shin work very hard to stabilize the foot and ankle, it is the excess tension on these muscles and tendons along the shin bone that causes this pain.


CurrexSole insoles are designed to reduce the excessive tension on the muscles that attach to the shin bone. CurrexSole insoles are designed to decrease the speed at which the foot goes from intial contact to foot flat by increasing the skin contact underneath the foot and in so doing, reducing the stress on the anterior shin (outside). CurrexSole insoles also use a unique 3 arch height designed to help reduce and restrict the speed at which the foot moves laterally within the shoe (pronation) and in doing this reduces the stress on the medial shin. N.B. If pain or discomfort persists, please seek medical advice.

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