Beneath the arch of every insole is the patented 3DBS arch support, designed to guide and propel the foot to become more effective rather than using hard materials to block motion.

Unlike other insoles currexSole respects all the biomechanical planes in which the foot articulates. It redistributes pressure evenly across the foot and stabilises excessive movements that often lead to injury.

The unique 3DBS also helps the foot by ‘returning energy’ it stores while it is being loaded. After the foot strikes the ground its structure starts to receive the body’s weight.

There are three arch shapes – High, Medium and Low,each with different levels of support and cushioning



Relax the active foot! The triple layer reduces sweat and odour, increases airflow and provides outstanding comfort, thus creating a blister free environment.

Top layer :

DryTrek Fabric with micro fibre for optimal moisture transportation and foot hold. The fibres are woven the insole in such a way that they reduce sideways movement.

Middle layer :

Freeflex memory foam is impregnated with bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal is an amazing organic material and we use the best – three year old shoots from Taiwan. It reduces odours, kills bacteria and helps to control humidity. Memory foam adapts over time to the shape of your foot surface – simply increasing fit and therefore comfort. Importantly this layer allows the Top and Base layer to shear, not your skin, therefore reducing blisters.

Base layer :

CurEVA is a unique blend of natural rubber and EVA. Its thickness, density and construction varies throughout the range of currexSoles to meet the needs of the active foot.



The name says it all and it’s another currexSole first. Heel cups (the part of the insole that your heel sits in) are invariably rigid, in the belief that if the heel is controlled, the foot will also be controlled. With more and more research indicating that this is not the case (alongside an acceptance that your shoe’s design and fit play a critical role), currexSole decided to do something about

The ‘Auto Fit’ system is designed to enhance the performance of the heel by:

1) Increasing Shock Absorption:

The heel bone (Calcaneus) is a good shock absorber with both the bone and surrounding fatty tissue playing a roll. The Auto Fit cups the heel ensuring that more of the bone and fatty tissue receives impact shocks and therefore absorbs (attenuate) these impacts using your body’s natural mechanisms.

2) Reduce excessive heel motion (speed and movement):

simply your heel will be held perfectly in the heel cup and the heel cup will sit the shoe like it was custom fitted. Therefore the shoe’s heel counter will be more effective.

3) Allow the shoe features to work:

An extremely large proportion of your shoe’s motion control, support and cushioning features are situated between the forefoot and the heel, so why block these with rigid/plastic insoles? currexSole heel cups are soft and only enhance these features.



With the MC, you get extra forefoot cushioning for intensive activities such as running, jumping and tennis etc. The 2nd and the 3rd Met-head require cushioning to prevent forefoot ailments. Our insoles use Poron®, one of the leading cushioning materials known to man.

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