How do currexSole insoles work with my shoes?

currexSole insoles are designed to compliment all of the features of modern footwear. currexSole insoles combine the benefits of customised sports insoles (support and cushioning) with the premium shock absorbing materials found in top quality shoes and boots. Athletes who have used currexSole insoles report better balance, greater comfort, reduced fatigue and increased performance.

My shoes and feet always smell, can currexSole insoles help with that?

Yes – currexSole insoles feature a full-length layer of memory foam impregnated with special bamboo charcoal (that of ‘Odour-Eater’ fame) to reduce odours and limit anti-microbial (bacteria) problems. The top surface of a currexSole insole uses a ‘Dry Fit’ material that helps to reduce moisture by wicking it way keeping your shoes dry and smell free.

How long do currexSole insoles last?

Like a pair of shoes, the life of currexSole insoles depends entirely on the user’s behaviour, in terms of training frequency, terrain, gait etc. That said, the ‘CurEVA’ cushioning layer in the currexSole insoles are designed to breakdown at a far slower rate than your shoes, ensuring a product with longevity.

Can I wash currexSole insoles?

If your currexSole insoles require cleaning then please hand wash them in warm water with a small amount of gentle laundry detergent, then rinse them with cold water before air drying. DO NOT WASH IN A MACHINE!

What material is the hard, supportive arch made of?

currexSole insoles all have a durable ‘Nylon 6’ ‘shank’. This arch is dynamic, meaning that it flexes (within a range) as required, but always gets back to its initial position. The bigger the insole, the longer the ‘shank’ (arch), complimenting the nature of a longer foot. Furthermore, the bigger the ‘shank’, the harder the material, as bigger feet (invariably) belong to heavier people!

Why all the different coloured insoles?

currexSole insoles come in four different varieties (BikePro, RunPro, ActivePro, EdgePro), each one in 3 different profile colours, and each colour in 5 different sizes. Hence a range of 60 different insoles. Such diversity gives the retail space as close to a custom fit as possible.

What is the difference between the blue, yellow and red insoles?

For each variety of currexSole insoles, customisation is a key factor. The shape of the blue ‘shank’ is higher than the yellow, which in turn is higher than the red (flattest). The red insoles are the hardest, followed by the yellow, then blue. The reason for this is that high arched feet (blue insoles) are rigid, and whilst not needing a high reset force, need the high arch for perfect fitting. Low arched/Flat feet (red insoles) are very instable in the arch, and require a higher reset force, hence the need for a harder shank.

What is the difference between the currexSole and usual insoles?

Standard prescription insoles (also known as “custom orthotics”) follow the thread, that an insole should alter the positioning of the bones inside the foot in an attempt to support the arch. Scientific studies on the subject indicates that this is not the proper method for most athletes. Such an insole may even be detrimental to the movement of the foot.

Will my foot be more squashed in the shoe as a result of replacing the sock liner with the currexSole insole?

currexSole insoles are made in partnership with the shoe manufacturers. Therefore it is of vital importance to us to keep your foot in the same place in the shoe as the manufacturer intended. To this end, currexSole insoles are the same thickness as the sock liner being replaced (4mm), and do not increase the ramp angle of the shoe (the difference in height between your fore- and rear foot).

Are currexSole insoles only suitable for elite performers?

currexSole insoles are suitable for every level of ability. By harnessing the qualities of your shoe with the uniqueness of your foot, they create a custom fit that every participant can benefit from – from the recreational athlete to the Olympian.

Can I use currexSole insoles in different footwear?

Yes, you can use your currexSole insoles in almost any type of sports footwear, such as running, tennis/squash, cycling, golf shoes, hiking boots, ski boots, in-line skates, football, hockey, cricket and rugby boots. Please take note of the specific attributes of each of the BikePro, RunPro, ActivePro, EdgePro ranges when making your choice. Certain dress shoes with sufficient forefoot volume will also accommodate your currexSole insoles, however all insoles work best in footwear with removable sock liners (insoles).

How do currexSole insoles reduce the risk of injury?

currexSole insoles reduce the risk of injury by better supporting and aligning your feet with your lower body to improve efficiency. Not only are you more stable and less likely to sustain an injury, but you will also reduce the stress on your muscles as they will not have to work so hard to maintain alignment. The specialist shock absorption materials will reduce stress on the joint and eliminate jarring.

Can teenagers use currexSole Insoles?

In our opinion, athletes should not start wearing insoles before the age of 14.

Do I need medical background knowledge in order to properly fit the currexSole?

The currexSole is already equipped with medical expertise. It is important to evaluate the foot profile and  the leg axis correctly in order to make an initial choice.

How individual is the currexSole?

The currexSole is a pre-manufactured product, but also highly individualistic. The four different foot profiles plus five available sizes result in 20 different versions of each currexSole model. Every sport has a different relationship to the Dynamic Arch Technology (DAT). When adapting the foot’s profile and the weight, a unique and individualized platform is the final result.

Does currexSoles need to be worn in?

The foot will adapt quickly, but every change requires a bit of time and this goes for currexSole as well: Just after 20 minutes you’ll barely notice them. This is the proof for the gentle neuromuscular stimulation of the receptors in the sole of the foot. Additionally, the left and right feet are never exactly the same, so your currexSole insoles may initially feel different on each foot.

How do I take care of the currexSole?

We recommend to wash the currexSole under running water with gentle soap and clean it with a nailbrush. Allow the insole to dry before the next use. They should not be machine washed!

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