Advance Foot Insole



Your foot is a very complex structure, and each time you move you initiate a very sophisticated sequence of events. Poor foot function can affect this sequence increasing the risk of injury. Unlike other insoles, CurrexSole insoles do not try to block poor motion with rigid materials, instead they capture and guide your feet to behave in an effective and efficient manner.



  •   are the only insoles designed solely for sport
  •   are available in three models: Cushion, Support and Stability
  •   have a patented 3DBS (arch support system) to match your particular foot type
  •   enhance the features of your sports shoes
  •   improve the function of your body’s own shock absorption system
  •   insoles reduce moisture and odors


Dynamic Arch Technology

Stores mechanical energy like a spring

What the sport seat is in a car for your spine, is the currex sole in the shoe for your foot.┬áThe foot is better supported and everything just feels better – including perfect energy transfer. No currex-insole is like the other and nonetheless, all have one thing in common: the DAT
The DAT is designed to guide and keep the foot in its optimal position whilst reducing excessive motion, often the cause of injury. Each DAT is based on the biomechanical specifications of your foot profile and is determined through a patented test. Both laterally and longitudinally the DAT is cradling the arch, distributes pressure evenly under the sole of the foot and passes through the roll-off process. Storing and returning impact energy like a spring for a more efficient and dynamic toe-off. The DAC is constructed using a composite mix of nylon, which actively reduces fatigue and increases performance.
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