currex ACADEMY announcement: 3rd International course for gait analysis this September

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Learn how to interpret and use the data coming from a Gait Lab. This year we offer all three Modules of our ACADEMY within six days… 

packed with information of how to interpret data, how to communicate to the patient and how to set up the state of the Art injury management.You can either book just Module one and stay two days, or you go all the way and stay six days in a row – your Head will boost! Promised! Once you are with us, you learn everything that you need to become a running gait professionals: Starting from recording the patient on the treadmill to the use of the video analysis software. Then it comes to shoes, insoles, workout, running form … everything you can imagine!
Check out how our participants from the last seminars ranked us. No fakes – promised!
  • Would you recommend the Seminar Module I and Module II?- Absolutely, different view than we are used (Age 55 / Podiatrist)
  • Yes, new knowledge and methods (Age 46 / Podiatrist)
  • Absolutely yes, 1. Teachers work very well together, 2. very relevant cases and good explanations, 3. good structure 4 days (Age 60 / Podiatrist)
  • Yes, because gait analysis/ motion analysis is the future and it was a brilliant workshop (Age 31 / Physiotherapist)
  • Yes, because of the good information and background knowledge (Age 35 / Orthotist)

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